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Measured Surveys    

It can cost a considerable amount of time and money during relocations when furniture will not fit into their proposed locations because the architectural plan was not checked.
Comprehensive surveys provide a sound base of data for the whole of the building stock.

We can offer either a Check Survey or a Full Survey.

Check Survey

Existing CAD drawings can be validated for accuracy, giving you more confidence in your digital information. The checks carried out can be divided into two types:

  • Visual checks
    Door swings, window positions and partitioning will be compared to your existing layouts.
  • Cursory check
    All critical and a number of the general dimensions are measured. Once checked, any discrepancies will be submitted in a report.

If necessary, a Full Survey will then be offered to correct the drawing.



Full Dimensional Survey

All architectural features such as walls, columns, partitions, doors and windows are measured.
The resulting drawing is within a tolerance of ±10mm for minor dimensions ±50mm for major dimensions.
Building services can also be surveyed to give your drawings extra value.

A typical survey can include:-

  • Furniture - desks, storage, screens.
  • Building Grids - floor, ceiling.
  • IT Office Equipment - PCs, printers, scanners, copiers.
  • Electrical - floor boxes, data, power, telecom, lighting.

All your buildings can be provided in digital or paper format with furniture, architectural, mechanical and electrical information to a specified tolerance.


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