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Relocation Management    

You can’t move forward until we take a step back.

That’s why, at the outset of any project, our highly experienced consultants will examine your people, technology and space in the most minute detail to assess the way in which they work together.

Before drawing any conclusions on how your project should be carried forward, they examine your business, probe efficiency and energy levels, listen to the individuals most effected when offices don’t work, analyse your technology, observe the way in which your teams talk to each other and audit facilities to see how staff come and go, eat, drink and socialise.

Only then can they sit down with the designers and project team to plan the absolute optimum solution with you.

Whether it's handling routine office churn or moving the entire organisation to a new building, relocation is the acid-test of management skills and procedures.

Every office relocation project - large or small - offers opportunities to do things differently and better. But it also includes the potential for enormous disruption to day-to-day business.

At Cad IT design Associates our philosophy is to maximise the potential of the opportunity, and at the same time, use our skills and experience to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.



Cad IT Design Associates has the skills and experience to assist with the complete move process.

  • Understanding needs and opportunities
    Moving people is a challenge. There are risks - downtime, extra costs, added stress. We work with you to define the optimum strategy for your organisation.
  • Planning a move
    Corporate Moves is here to take responsibility for this task, freeing you to concentrate on what you do best - running your business.
  • Getting it right
    Active, visible management is the key - to running the moves team and to supporting your staff in transition.


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