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Project Management    

One of the most critical aspects of any project is how well, or badly, it is managed. Through careful planning and meticulous attention to detail at the outset, prudent resource management, tight budget and quality control and open and collaborative communication, we are able to ensure that an incredible 100% of our projects finish on time and on budget.

Our Project Managers are highly experienced professionals who have been recruited for their vast industry knowledge and proven ability to manage and motivate project teams across all the key corporate interior disciplines. They understand that effective and regular communication and continuous quality control are essential for optimum success of your project and aim to deliver entirely snag free results every time.

Cad IT Design Associates can provide a Project Management service to cover a range of different premises related issues.

From straightforward office moves to complex engineering projects, Cad IT Design Associates have the necessary experience and expertise to provide a complete project management solution. This can incorporate the full range of the professional team, including planning supervisor, architect, structural and building services engineer.

Our team has successfully managed a number of different projects on behalf of clients, that range from minor relocations to complete turnkey solutions to provide new working environments.




Our objective at the planning stage is to assist our clients in identifying their needs and key objectives and based upon these, assemble the team of professional staff that will be required to achieve the end product.

Working with our clients' staff, we prepare budget forecasts, CAD layouts and planning schedules, before sourcing the contractors necessary to achieve the goals set by our client.

Once the project is approved and underway, Cad IT Design Associates will monitor and report back on every stage of the process, ensuring that quality and cost is carefully controlled.

This will ensure that the whole process is managed in both a cost and time effective manner.



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