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Cad IT design Associates have grown from neither a pure design consultancy background nor pure construction background. Commercial interior design is very different to other forms of architectural design, as is its construction. Flexibility and understanding need to be an integrated part of the process so that the clients' needs are always being considered, at any stage of the office design project .

Our Design and Build approach offers a number of benefits for refurbishment and fitting out projects.


Because of the ability to carry out design work and costing/tendering processes simultaneously the works packages can be divided up and designed according to fast track program requirements.

With having the design and project management teams, the ability to have a continuing dialogue vis-à-vis buildability, long order requirements, cost saving options etc. is very much part of the design process. Thus problems are ironed out at a much earlier stage than under a more traditional design and tender approach.



Design Responsibility

There is a very clear understanding of there being no internal division of design responsibility. Thus the attention to design detail is vital at the early design stages.

The ultimate design responsibility lies with us and as such we are aware of the need for a comprehensive and accurate briefing documentation, an understanding of the flexibility to be designed in, and a constant awareness of any amendments to the brief.

Flexibility & Change

The design and planning of an office refurbishment can go through several changes from commencement of design briefing through to a start-on-site date.

As office design specialists, we need to take account of that flexibility within the scheme and the specifications being prepared. As constructors, we are looking to achieve completion as soon as possible and thus incorporating required changes into the overall original timetables is our aim.

Change is an inherent part of the design and fitting out process, and, as a Design and Build company, we do not seek to delay completion dates if at all possible. Flexibility of the construction program, and reliable, known sub-contractors usually allow us to soak up design and planning changes within the original time periods.



We are very keen to provide graphics, visuals and actual materials/products as early as possible so that everyone is aware of the office design solutions being provided before we start construction works.

Thus the quality issues will have been agreed long before site commencement. It is as much in our own interests to ensure that such issues are clarified early on, as the contract risk lies with us should we fail to understand, or provide the desired quality.

We also have a 3 stage snagging policy, which means that before any client inspection exercise takes place, any workmanship problems will have been identified and been addressed, firstly by trades foreman, secondly by Site Management and finally by our Project Managers.

Cost Control

The inherent strength of the design and build approach is the cost certainty and cost control of a project from the outset.

The cost information provided during the design process is not consultant budgets, but fixed price bids for the work elements, thus allowing the client much more confidence in their own internal budgeting exercises.

It is our product and construction knowledge, as well as the ability to involve all construction parties at a very early stage, which allows us to commit to construction costs well before detailed design is necessarily finished.


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