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As specialists in office design, we can plan buildings for maximum efficiency or to create a luxurious working environment, or both. In each case we will work with the basic constraints of the building and incorporate your inter-departmental relationships, job functions and working practices such as hot desking and hotelling. New or existing furniture will be evaluated at the preliminary space planning stage.

Our designers will illustrate traffic flows, meeting spaces, storage, equipment location, power and data points, light sources and sound issues prior to developing detailed construction drawings.



Making sure that your office is an inspirational place to work is vital. A well-designed work environment really pays dividends, not only does it help portray a company identity, but it also introduces an effective approach to space management, resulting in better work processes.

Our designers will be able to provide you with computer-generated images, samples of finishes and mood boards to help you visualise how your finished office interior will look.

All of our office interiors are designed in accordance with current EU legislation and guidelines and we never lose sight of our clients’ image, culture and objectives.

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