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Ricoh Company is a leading global manufacturer of digital office equipment for the business market, providing cutting-edge IT-based hardware and software solutions for the document life cycle, combined with an advanced range of added value services and supplies. We achieved a solid presence worldwide as a leading provider of comprehensive document solutions that help organizations maximize productivity while reducing the total cost of ownership. The European Ricoh Group will be a 4 Billion-Euro Company, currently holds the number one market position and is recognized for excellence in quality.

Cad I T Design Associates have been supplying Space Planning and Furniture solutions for this client for several years.
Reducing the cost of their furniture by 1/3 and increasing the number of positions available per floor by about 40 people.
We have also worked on other sites for them, giving proposed layout, furniture costing's, relocation costing's and refurbishment schedules.

Existing Layout
Approximately 60 positions

Revised Layout
Using Existing Desk approximately 80 positions

Revised Layout
Using a mixture of Existing Desks and New Wave Desks
Approximately 95 positions

Proposed Plan using Wave Desks (West Wing)
Approximately 48 positions

Proposed Plan using Wave Desks (East Wing)
Approximately 46 positions

New Style of Wave desks with screen

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