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CBS Outdoor
Camden Wharf
28 Jamestown Road

CBS Outdoor is the market leader in providing advertising solutions for clients looking to reach consumers on the move. Our range of media and sponsorship opportunities on transport networks across the UK are proven to be effective for driving sales, increasing footfall, and raising awareness for a wide range of clients, products and businesses.

Cad I T Design Associates have been Space Planning and supplying Office Furniture to CBS Outdoor since they were Vaicom Outdoors.
In offices throughout UK, we have designed Layouts and Bespoke Office Furniture as well as Installing Office Desks and Space Planning their many sites.

Once of the more complicated office shapes we have had to deal with

Continually changing offices and department sizes

We had to introduce the staff to new, compact workstation
so produced this 3d image to assist the facilities Department in selling the concept

In this London site we had to fit in as many people as possible.
While still staying legal

This office was a temporary fix for the department that eventually moved into the site above

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